Code of Ethics

to embrace humane education to create a community united by compassion for people, animals and the environment. We intend to be a social venue for people to become active in their community as empowered leaders and solutionaries.

Code of Ethics
In accordance with its mission, the Solutionary Species and Compassion Points ethics committee has adopted a Code of Ethics to guide its committee members, staff/volunteers, visitors, and members in their conduct when participating on the website. The Code’s broad principles are intended to reflect the type of attitudes and behavior expected to be used on the Solutionary Species website and when participating in the Compassion Points Rewards Program.

Please note that the policies described in this Code of Ethics are not intended to stand alone and do not embody the entirety of Solutionary Species’ ethical standards. Moreover, it does not answer every ethical issue or question that might arise. Thus, we ask that you check back for periodic updates of our policies evaluated by our ethics committee. This Code of Ethics will serve as an important effort to maintain quality and integrity in the website’s content with ethical conduct being the highest priority. Please contact our ethics committee at for questions or concerns in regards to the Code’s policies.

Committee members, staff/volunteers, and public users should:

1. embody the intentions as well as the essence of compassion, justice, and conscious choice-making of humane education.
2. participate in solutionary activities that benefit people, non-human animals, AND the environment.
3. be mindful of connections between human, animal, and environmental stewardship.
4. express uplifting and empowering solutionary attitudes.
5. make strong efforts to understand, respect, and empathize with participants of varying cultures, skills, and perspectives that contribute to solutionary goals.
6. provide thoughtful and credible information when submitting posts and avoid personal bias
7. comply with applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations to create legitimacy in solutionary efforts.  
8. act at all times in accordance with the highest ethical standards and in the best interest of the Solutionary Species community.
9. be honest and use Compassion Points with only the best of intentions.
10. honor and respect our commitment to expanding a solutionary community and be welcoming to all new users.
11. maintain civility among all peers regardless of differing opinions
12. avoid using language that may unjustly define/identify people or other animals (e.g. instead of discussing “dairy cows,” one might say “cows used for dairy production.”)
13. be conscientious of the items sold or donated to the solutionary store (e.g. should be vegan, ethically sourced, and worthy of being upcycled).
14. use careful judgment and review all content prior to publishing posts or entering submissions.
15. acknowledge that all Compassion Points participants are capable of being solutionaries
16. be responsible for adhering to this Code of Ethics

Committee members, staff/volunteers, and public users should NOT:

1. use language that could be considered offensive to other people or animals, including profanity or words with derogatory meanings.
2. use language that could be considered speciesist, sexist, heterosexist, racist, or belittling to beliefs, body image, etc. (Read about language at the following link: Click).
3. post before carefully thinking about the meaning of words or phrases (See how euphemisms can influence perspective: Click)
4. be deceptive or dishonest when participating in our points incentive program or on the solutionary store.

Note: Any content posted in violation of the Code of Ethics will be subject to immediate removal. The ethics committee reserves the right to revoke membership privileges based upon sustained inappropriate behavior.